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For twenty-two years, John Wells was a proven leader and tirelessly worked to defend the United States. For the past ten years he has been a relentless advocate who has zealously represented a wide range of clients in state, federal and military courts throughout the United States.

If you have a legitimate legal problem, the Law Office of John B. Wells stands ready to take up your cause and make it our own. John Wells will work hard for you to ensure that your rights are protected. He has the breadth of legal and practical experience to cut through the red tape, the posturing and the disinformation to strike at the heart of the case.

A strong pro-life attorney, John Wells has no hesitation to take on the abortionists who are reaping profits from the misery of young women. He will zealously defend the rights of anyone who has been injured intentionally or negligently. He is not afraid to take on big insurance companies, greedy trial lawyers and even the state and federal government to protect your interests.

The Law Office of John Wells has a proven reputation for getting the job done right the first time, setting the pace for excellence and meticulous attention to detail. Attorney John Wells possesses a unique ability to cut through confusion and get to the crux of any problem. He is decisive and, determined, achieving positive results. If you have been wronged - call the Law Office of John Wells for an evaluation of your case.  

John B. Wells

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