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  1. You Get What You Inspect Not What You Expect!
  2. When You Want it Bad You Get it Bad!
  3. Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!
  4. Set the Example - Don't Be the Example!
  5. When You Point the Finger at Someone Else There Are Three Fingers Pointing Back at You!
  6. The Good Lord Made Arrogant Bullies for Me to Have Fun with!
  7. When You Are 100% Sure That Everything Is Going Perfectly, You're In Deeeeep Trouble!
  8. Make the Program Work for You Instead of You Working for the Program!
  9. You Can’t Take a Conversation Into Court But You can Always take a Document Into Court!
  10. Deadlines Always Arrive on Time!
  11. A Plan Is a Guidebook and Not a Rulebook!
  12. There are Only Two Kinds of Trials - Acquittals and Successful Appeals!
  13. There’s Never Time to Do it Right, but Always Time to Do it Over!
  14. When You Have Figured out What I Am Doing - I’m Doing Something Else!
  15. The Solution Should Solve the Problem!
  16. When You Re-invent the Wheel, You Usually Get a Square Product!
  17. When in Doubt - Go Nuke Early!


John B. Wells

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